Our new album is out!  "Short Stories."


It was released with 8 special songs in our new album.  "Short Stories" Each song has its own stories and efforts.  Your thoughts about the songs are very important to us.  Because it is our first album, it means a lot to us.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Our social media accounts are in use!


All our social media accounts are now available.  You can reach us on Facebook, tweeters and youtube, listen to our songs, watch our clips, and contact us.  We are very happy and excited to share our works with you.  

The recordings of our first album are about to be completed!


The recordings of our first album are about to be completed.  Our entire team is excited and looking forward to the completion of the work.  Our biggest longing is to share our productions with you as soon as possible.  Please follow!

The lyrics and compositions of all the music on our site are original and legally registered to us. we will use all our legal rights if they are used without permission.

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